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Sports Literacy Mission was launched at the Indian Habitat Centre in Delhi in the presence of 25 Arjuna Awardees, Olympians and Dronacharya Awardees on Tuesday by an NGO, ‘Sports: A Way of Life’ founded by a Lucknow lad, Kanishka Pandey, 25.

Speaking on the occasion, Pandey said his NGO had recently conducted a nationwide survey to gauge the public mood vis-a-vis participation in various sports activities. The survey proved to be an eye-opener. According to the findings, less than 5% people have interest in sports whereas less than 2% females were interested in sports.


Less than 5% sports literacy in India.

Sports literacy of women less than 2%.

Athletics literacy at lowest level.

For sports literacy, the main target group is children of 1 to 9 years age.

To bridge the gap between rich and poor’s game.