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A comparative study of behavioral patterns of sportspersons and non-sports persons quarantined during COVID-19: A case study of Ghaziabad city


It is said that if a person’s behavior has to be tested, then in times of adversity and difficulty one should watch his movements carefully. And what must have been a worse time than Corona! From the physical and economic harm that coronavirus disease (COVID?19) has caused, it would not be an understatement to say it has also mentally affected the world citizenry.

Asking a person to stay away from people you know, you trust, you love, in these difficult times, it is not hard to imagine the excruciating impact it can have on the mentality of any person. Behavior is a summation of many attributes combining physical and psychological characteristics. Since behavior is the product of heredity and environment, the people from the same environment will have some common characteristics which will reflect in their behavior to a great extent. From this point of view, it can be observed that participation and interest in competitive sports will be associated with certain personal and behavioral characteristics of people.

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