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Sports-A way of life NGO has been running a campaign to increase sports literacy in India or last several years and now it is advising IMT Ghaziabad on implementing the country’s first model sports village (adarsh khel grame).institute of management and technology IMT has selected bahadarpur and khedi viran for adarsh gram .IMT has mega sports plan for this twin village where I has been now trying to evolve sports culture and establish these twin villages on country’s sporting map.




Formal launching of first model sports village was held today, 16-01-2020 (Wednesday) at India habitat centre, kasurina hall, New Delhi in the august presence of dozens of Arjuna awardees, Dronacharya awardees and Rajiv ghandhi khel ratna awardees. Highlighting the plan,Dr. kanishka pandey ,head ,sports research center, IMT Ghaziabad, said that the twin villages of bahadurpur and khedi viran is about 09 K.M from muzaffarnagar city, and it has been selected as the country’s first model sports village with a goal to change the face of sports in India .the following work to promote sports will be carried out:-


1. An appeal will be issued to the parents to motivate the children to play.
2. All children from this village will be distributed free booklets like khel praveshika and know sports and the sports calendar both in Hindi and English so that sports reaches every home here.
3. IMT will develop every courtyard and varamadah of every house as primary sports ground management,
4. Olympic related sports equipment will be provided bin the house and to every child.
5. Discussion of the games will be mandatory agenda for chaupal discussion
6. Sports magazines, newspaper and TV will be made available.
7. Only sports channels will be shown on the TV here and Olympic and national level sports will be shown. Besides, people can also watch films from time to time.
8. To increase rural sports, a rural sports magazine will be published every month by compiling sports activities of this village.
9. For promoting sports in this village, the village‘s garden, courtyard, verandah and enclosure will be developed as nursery for outdoor sports.
10. A scheduled time of the game will be from 04.00 AM to 05.00 PM and at this time, books, TV, mobile in all houses will remain shutdown. Wherever the children or the people of this village will be, they will be playing at this time.
11. From time to time, Arjuna awardees would meet him give lectures about various nuances of the games and motivate them to participate in the games.
12. In addition, a doctor will be provided in the village to cure sports injury during the game.
13. grounds will be developed by constant l following with the government officials. the thrust will for construction of large sports grounds.talent hunting will be carried through organizing various sports events such as inter and intra village competition .tlented players will be selectedad will be given special training so that they win medals at the state and national level.