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Sports Literacy Van


Sports Literacy Van (SLV) is yet another unique idea of Dr. Kanishka Pandey for promoting sports culture in country. In this, a van designed by Sports: A Way of Life will be covering all the state capitals of the country for creating awareness and positivity about sports. The van will also cover all the districts which will fall in the route and at least one village associated with that district.





The SLV has been evolved with the following objectives:

  1. Promoting Sports Culture.
  2. Promoting Sports Literacy.
  3. Increasing Sports Awareness- Olympic Related.
  4. Rejuvenating Rural Sports Infrastructure especially sports grounds in the official revenue records.
  5. Identifying one sports icon from every district to inspire the population to take up sports.


The Idea:

The van will be flagged off in Delhi NCR in presence of various Arjuna, Khel Ratna and Dronacharya Awardees. First route will be from Delhi to Lucknow.



While moving from Delhi to Lucknow, the van will cover the districts of Ghaziabad, Hapur, Amroha, Moradabad, Rampur, Bareily, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur and Lucknow.

Microscopic plan is as follows:

  1. Van will enter the district and move towards the city stadium.
  2. In the stadium, it will be received by Arjuna Awardee who will join it.
  3. Both will move towards the collectorate.
  4. The van will be parked outside the collectorate.
  5. Documentaries will be made open to public.
  6. Arjuna Awardee and Sawol Volunteers will meet the District Magistrates and hand over a memorandum.
  7. The group will proceed towards the adjoining village.
  8. In the village, it will be received by Pradhan and other village officials.
  9. Van will be parked in the Panchayat Bhavan.
  10. Documentaries prepared by Sawol will be displayed to the rural population.
  11. Quiz and other activities will be conducted.
  12. Appeals, Booklets and Calendar will be given out.
  13. The villagers will be requested to give us name of talented sports children in their village then and in future too.
  14. The group will proceed towards next district.


The above-mentioned process will be repeated over and over in every district that the van covers.


The Memorandum:

The following demands will be asked for in the memorandum:

1.       Rejuvenation of rural sports infrastructure.

2.       Removal of illegal occupancy of sports grounds.

3.       Naming at least one road after former sports person from the district.

4.       Displaying at least one statue of sports person in the city.

5.       Propagating Sports Literacy Mission.

6.       Ensuring that sports related books are present in schools.

7.       Proper monitoring and use of sports goods distributed in the schools

8.       Ensuring that sports goods are being used properly.

9.       Training on how to use the goods to the Sports Teachers.

10.     Talent identification from village level.

11.     Creating sports orientation amongst children.

12.     Developing at least one Model Sport Village in every district.

13.     Maintaining a record of all national level sports person from the district and according them a distinguished personality status.

14.     Establishing a Benevolent Sports Fund in every district for helping former and current sports persons.


On reaching the state capitals, apart from demands already mentioned, one more demand will be that similar vans should be started by the state for promoting sports culture.


The Team

The Van will include a driver, a technician and a Sawol Coordinator.

Regular coordination will be done from the Sports: A Way of Life Headquarters in Ghaziabad.


Dr. Kanishka Pandey