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Mission Sharing With Dignitaries

Got opportunity to meet with Prof. Yogesh K. Tyagi, Vice Chancellor, Delhi University and presented him Sport: A way of Life



Discussion started with explaining the crux of research work Sports: A Way of Life. Of the four aspects which covered in the research, the main discussion centred on depression. How important it was / is to motivate parents remained focal points of discussion so as to allow their children to take up the sporting activities. The discussion also covered how today’s children are physically unfit and how it hampers their prospects in academics.  Prof. Tyagi confessed that how he like most of the parents, was against sports. He believed that, sports take the child away from studies. However, his belief and views underwent a change due to an incident in his family where someone known to him was restricted and refrained from participating in Tennis and how he lost his way in academics too. He wished Dr. Pandey luck and also advised him to collect concrete data on state wise and caste wise data on participation in sports in various states.