Vision & Mission


Sports a way of life NGO  is dedicated  to promoting sports literacy in India especially among villagers and those parts of town where people are least aware of sports, as it believes that sports talents could be spotted from such places.

The NGO  will be moved with a vision to approach parents and give call to all parents to encourage their wards to participate in one sports or other especially various athletics where India is lagging behind in medal tally despite having more than a billion population.

The NGO believes in carrying forward the old Gurukul tradition of teaching where studies and sports moved hand in hand. As a tool it will keep on engaging iconic players from various sports especially from athletics from time to time and arrange their interactions with parents so that they could be motivated and be made aware of various sports and its long term benefits in shaping personality of their wards. Besides this NGO would be focussed on imbibing various sports values in budding kids so that they become human being of solid character and progress in every walks of their life in future.

Mission and Vision

Sports: A way of life has been trying to bridge the gap between town and villages and trying to promote various games among adolescent and young children so that in future they would become professional players and bring laurel by winning medals at international events. Though we consider sports should not be looked through the medal prism only rather it imbibe several moral values such as honesty, discipline, fighting spirit and many more that help people to become man of strong moral values and character.

 Today sports literacy in our country is very poor on every count as the recent survey by our organisation revealed that only 5 percent male and 3percent female have sports literacy which is nothing but a reflection of our passive approach towards sport. The first school for any kid is his home only and the first teachers is always his/her parents only so any mission to encourage  sports will not pick up without involving parents. Our initiatives have included all stake holders such as students, parents, teachers, RWA and village Pradhan so that the mission doesn’t remain limited to town only.