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SAWOL is continuously working towards bringing back the sports culture in India. Continuous campaign is underway to promote sports at every level. Our campaign includes the following:

1. Circulation of appeals to parents of young children encouraging them to ensure their participation in sports.
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2. Distribution of Khel Praveshika and Know Sports booklets to familiarize toddlers with different sports.
3. Distribution of sports calendars in schools.
4. Talks, Lectures, Seminars and Webinars in schools, colleges and industries illustrating the benefits of promoting sports.
5. Distribution of sports equipment in schools.
6. Meeting policy makers for necessary policy interventions.
7. Letters to MP's and MLA's regarding necessary policy interventions.
8. Letter to Governors of different states to make sports philosophy a compulsory subject in university curriculum.
9. Petition to make Right to Sports a Fundamental Right.
10. Continuous researches, surveys and studies to promote sports culture.