Sports : A Way of Life NGO reaches to Dhaulana Tehsil

In its bid to reach out children of village localities in Dhaulana Tahshil, The NGO Sports: A Way of Life organised a programme at Dhaula Taheshil to distribute appeal to parents to allow their wards to participate in sports and athletics. Besides to sprout the seeds of sports among toddlers, the NGO also distributed Khel Praveshika(in Hindi), Know sports( in English), the first of its kind sports alphabets developed for toddlers. Besides, Sports calendars were also distributed to the parents so that they can use it to teach sports alphabets to their toddlers . The sports calaender is an innovative tool to create interest in sports from the early age.

 This programme was attended by Block Pramukh Santosh Kumar Yadav, Tehshildar Shri Ajay Kumar Upadhyay, Block Education Officer and all Lekhpals and members of Village Development Council of Dhaulana Tehshil besides more than 500 parents. They also lauded the effort of the NGO president Kanishka Pandey, who has taken so much pain to reach out to such a large number of children to such far flung areas, especially the rural people. They said, "These children have promising potential and what was required was a gentle push at this level so that they take up one sports or other from their early age." 

They also agreed to distribute these sports motivational material to each children studying in various schools of Dhalana tehshil besides they also consented for extending all possoble help to NGO in this cheritable activities that promise to promote sports in our country.