Sports : A Way Of Life NGO sends letters to MPs to change sports policy

Sports : A way of life organisation believes that the existing sports policy of India is flawed and needs overhauling if sports has to grow in this country. In its bid to redress several issues related to sports policy in India, the NGO has now approached members of Parliament through letters requesting them contribute in initiating a change in policy as they have been the legislatures and any policy change will happen only when this issue is being taken up by them.

They have been requested to create an enabling environment  for children from every section of society so that they can participate in various sports from their early age.

Besides they have been requested to amend the constitution and include sports in its ambit so that sports get legal status and it become biding for every wing of governance.

These letter have been sent to each and every member of  Lok Sabha (Lower House) and Rajya Sabha (upper House). The organisation also intends to send similar letter to members of legislative assemblies .